Other Areas

It is very easy to lose control of storage at home, which can lead to being unorganized. There are many places around the house that can be used as alternative storage and steps that can be taken to free up some extra space.

A great solution to help free up space in a room that is full of extra tables, cabinets and shelves. Just put them all in one. Built-in floor to ceiling shelving and media centers can make a room look taller and will free up a lot of extra space in any room.

Organizing a closet can be a key to freeing up space all around the house. A well-organized closet means more room in the closet for storage. Customize your closet with all the appropriate hangers, shelves and hooks to make storage easier.

There is a lot of space under a staircase that is not being used. To maximize the use of this area turn it into a closet or floor to ceiling shelves. This is the perfect place to store seasonal decorations.

Drawers are an essential part of keeping a house organized, but they can become unorganized very quickly. Putting dividers in those drawers to organize the contents of the drawer can be a simple solution to taking full advantage of any drawer.

Shoes can take over a whole closet or even a whole room. Make shelves or buy a behind the door shoe rack to organizer that shoe collection. Organizing shoes can be a key to freeing up extra space in a closet and freeing up time to get ready.

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking creatively about storage. Every home is different and soon you’ll be looking at those unique nooks and crannies in a whole new light.

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