Kids Room Organization

Ten Tips for Organizing a Kids’ Room

Getting a kid to organize their room could be one of a parent’s biggest challenges.  Take heart, there are some small steps that can be taken in kids room design to make things easier for both of you and teach them good habits to last a lifetime.

1. Open Room Design

It all starts with the kids’ room design. To ensure safety and organization a child’s room needs to have an open design. There needs to be a lot of room for activities. Try to keep the center of the room open.  Push all beds, dressers and storage bins as close to the walls as possible. This will make a nice open area for kids to plan and contain the mess they make to one area.

2. Divide the Room Up Into Sections

When planning your child’s room design, try to break the room up into different sections. This will help kids keep each individual activity organized. Toys and books are two different activities, so keep them in different parts of the room.

3. Help Your Child Decorate

If you gave your child free rein to decorate his bedroom it can only be imagined what it would look like. Your vision and his vision for the space are likely very different.  You both need to meet in the middle. Help your child decorate his room, compromise where you can, so you’ll both be pleased with the result.

4. Make It Simple

It is important to keep kids’ room organization as simple as possible. To make organization as simple as possible,  don’t over organize. Make sure you have a common spot for common items. Have a toy chest for all the toys. Don’t have a different toy chest for all the different kinds of toys.

5. Take full Advantage of the Closet

Kids’ closet planning is an essential part of creating an organized room. It is important that every inch of the kids’ closet is taken advantage of. In a fully functional closet there are extra storage bins, extra hangers and some extra drawers for clothes.  An organized closet is a fully functional closet.  The most commonly used items should be easy for kids to see and reach.

6. Additional Storage

There are plenty of options for storage when organizing a kid’s room.  Kids’ storage systems can be the key to taking organization to a new level. There is always the child’s closet and dresser, but don’t forget about under the bed storage, behind the door, and wall storage such as stacking cubbies or custom wall units. These are three important storage options that can be used for items like hats, shoes and toys.

7. Labels!

This goes along with making organization simple. Label all the bins, other storage units and maybe even clothing drawers. This way when it is time to put everything away there will be no confusion about where something needs to go. Every item will have a place.

8. Have a Place for Everything

Having a place for every item makes it easier for kids to find things and to put them away when they need to be put away. This will ensure that there is no confusion or frustration, and more organization.

9. Organize Bottom to Top

Kids are small and will grow in time, but the time to organize is right now. Take more desirable items and organize them in a place that is at eye height or lower. That way kids will always know where their favorite things go after they are done with them.

10. Make Organization Fun

The truth is that kids like to play. That is why there is a mess in the first place. Just because it is time to clean up doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Turn cleaning up into a game to make organization fun. Adding a game of hide and seek or making organization a race can make cleaning up much more fun.